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Bacterial Vaginitis

Bacterial Vaginitis or yeast infection is something that almost 75% of women will get in their lifetime. Of courser it is not something that women want or need but the fact is that out of those 75% many of them will even get recurring bacterial vaginitis as well.

Of course there are ways to stop bacterial vaginitis clindamycin hydrochloride. These are simple thing that you can change in your day-to-day habits that will help prevent bacterial vaginitis. Some of these might involve a lifestyle change others are just easy things like exercise and a little care.

For instance, abstaining from sexual relations entirely while you have bacterial vaginitis can help to prevent not only the spread of the infection to your partner, but it can also prevent your companion from giving it back to you.

And if you use things like douches, feminine deodorants, or even scented girly hygiene products like scented pads, panty-liners and tampons, you should look at changing these routines.

Instead look to using unscented feminine hygiene products and try to avoid all use of feminine deodorants and douches as these can destroy the delicate balance of the vagina.

Other preventative measures includes avoiding prolonged contact with semen, and if you're particularly susceptible to recurring microbial vaginitis, avoiding the use of spermicides.

And if you also take antibiotics to cure yourself of other maladies, you might want to look into using a few precautionary measures like changing your diet to include such things as unsweetened yogurt, and garlic.

Both of these options are good if you're taking a course of antibiotics, as antibiotics can sometimes kill some of the good bacteria in your body along with the bad leaving you wide open to get microbe vaginitis.

Another thing that you might want to do if you're taking antibiotics is to fully finish that course. Most people will quit their medication the minute a change occurs for the better, but this in turn can leave your body open to other infections, and immune to the effects of the medicine if needed a second time round.